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We focus on storytelling and making an emotional connection with our audience. Whether we are making a documentary or a thirty-second advertisement we strive to make our audience feel something profound.

M ROCK is a production company located in Syracuse, New York. We specialize in still photography and video production with the ability to produce, direct, and edit everything from 30 second advertisements to documentaries. We are especially suited to produce campaigns and marketing that require both stills and video – ensuring each one compliments the other.
Our work as National Geographic photographers has taken us to some of the most extreme and challenging places on the planet – including, Iraq, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, and the Australian outback not to mention the Jersey Shore. Operating in these environments requires us to begin producing high quality images on day one under exceedingly difficult circumstances. This makes us uniquely qualified to get the job done no matter what the challenges.
Our expertise as visual storytellers includes promotional, advertising, and educational projects where we emphasize story and message. We believe viewers and customers are looking for more than “a pitch” they are looking for a connection, to feel something special about the products or services they choose.
Our Creative Partners
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