National Geographic PROOF: 8 Photos that Inspired Action

Amy was one of the 8 photographers featured in National Geographic's PROOF article 8 Photos that Inspired Action, which features National Geographic photographers who's photographs have inspired change over time.

"This image is from a story I did on food insecurity in America with writer Tracie McMillan. The young boy is climbing into an empty freezer that should be full, but his family, like so many others in our country, struggles to get food—especially healthy food—on their table. In fact, in 2014 over 48 million Americans lived in food insecure households.

There are a number of brave families who opened their homes and lives to help tell this story. It’s not an easy or comfortable topic to be the subject of, but they valued sharing their story and letting others know they’re not alone. As with most of my stories, I won’t ever know all the ripple effects, but I was very moved to find out that a number of readers reached out to one of the subjects and her family with donations. One let her know she was “inspired” by her story. She inspired me as well." Amy Toensing